Spanking Babes "Best Bums"

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Becky's bare bum treat at Birchington Manor

Rebekah Jordan gorgeous bottom really steals the show in the movie "Day of rekoning at Birchington Manor", after being caught for trespassing, Becky and her friend (Georgie Simpson) are made to do some chores around the manor in some very fetching maids outfits, whilst the owner of the manor is asleep, the girls steal some money from the living area, when caught, the girls are given they're just deserts, Becky's skirt is raised to reveal a pair of modest white panties and the owner wastes no time in running his hands over her pant clad bum, the pants then come down to reveal Becky's peachy bottom and her bum is then spanked , squeezed and stroked, the male actor in this film clearly loves Becky's bum and takes full control in this scene, at on point i though he might even kiss it, a real treat for any Rebekah Jordan fans out there.

Friday, February 09, 2007

The best bums in Spanking

What makes the perfect bum for spanking?
is it the round fullness of Sam Woodley or the more petite cheeks of Abi Whittaker?
Everybody will have there own opinion on how they like they're bums but one thing is for sure,
to all the girls that allow us to see them getting there bottoms spanked,
we salute you!!

Looks like firmhand favourite Sam Woodley is in bother again, this time its the turn of Steve Fuller to redden poor Samantha's bum cheeks, from these pics it looks like top video from , Sierra Salem is also featured in this series, so Steve Fuller certainly has got his hands full in this one, oh the envy!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

More bare bum action from Ms.Woodley

Stunning Sam Woodley serves up more bare bottom action as her gorgeous globes face the hairbrush, these pics are from firmhand and Uncle Tim can hardly contain his delight as he feasts his eyes on Sam bare bum which is looking as beautiful as ever.